Mental Health & Wellbeing - What you need to know Why
Looking after our Mental Health and Wellbeing is as important as our physical health and having awareness about the subject can help you to understand how to stay healthy as well as understanding where there is help and support available.  You may not quite understand what the term really means, the different elements of mental health and also you may have family or friends who are experiencing mental illness and you simply want to understand how you can help them.  

There are many services available, some of which are right on your doorstep and could make all the difference to yours and other's mental health and wellbeing.

This is a free sessions and is run in collaboration with Tom Cleary. A Hampshire-based mental health and wellbeing trainer, coach, therapist and consultant. He is a passionate advocate about this topic with his own lived experience of mental health struggles.

“Having grown up in Hampshire, I want to be able to do something to support the local community with such an important topic. There is much more support out there than people realise and sometimes all they need to help themselves or a loved one is a bit more information and knowing where to go.” Tom

Please register on Eventbrite if you wish to attend this event as seats are limited to 25 people.