Hypnosis Weight Loss Group Are you tired of failed diets?

Not anymore. Starting soon - 12 week hypnosis weight loss group including sessions in nutrition and colour/shape/style.

The course is designed to help you change the way you think about food and address any issues around this
Ie. Clean plate club, sweet/ savoury snacking, chocolate addiction etc.

It also includes an individual Luscher colour test with personalised results, a group hypnosis at the end of each session and MP3 downloads to support the work you're doing.

There will be a group session with Glenda Grocott, Personal Stylist, on colour shape and style and another session with a nutritionist who will give a talk about your day to day food choices, small changes you can make and healthy snacking on the run and possibly some quick and easy exercises.

The cost of this 12 week course is £225 payable in full on booking.

This includes your hypnosis recordings, a personal folder, information sheets, personalised Luscher colour test results, MP3 downloads and discount vouchers for any subsequent 1:1 bookings for hypnosis, colour,style and shape appointments and nutritionist sessions.

I hope you'll agree it's a great package.

I look forward to hearing from you.

For more information or to enrol
email: sandie@sandiedoylehypnotherapy.co.uk
tel: 07990776718